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Skydive licence in Airlie Beach

Learn to skydive solo with the AFF course

  • Learn to skydive solo with Airlie Beach Skydivers, part of 1300SKYDIVE, the most experienced skydiving operator in Australia.
  • The AFF course is designed for beginners and requires no previous tandem skydiving experience.
  • Our qualified and highly experienced instructors will help you gain all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a licensed skydiver.
  • Complete the course at your own pace, or book a course package to make the most of your time in the stunning Whitsundays.
  • We offer an exclusive Holiday Package that includes accommodation, making it easy, convenient, and fun to learn to skydive with us.

Starting at $495 for AFF1 - Complete the course at your own pace

Skydive licence in Australia

How do you learn to skydive?

The AFF skydiving course consists of one full day of theory on the ground and 9 jumps or AFF stages. At Airlie Beach Skydivers you can choose to complete the course at your own pace or an all-inclusive course with accommodation.

student doing aff stage 1 ground course in airlie beach

1. AFF ground course

We start with one day of ground training. Students learn the basics around skydiving gear, freefall, and technique to safely land a parachute. All the theory and skills required to safely complete your AFF skydives.

We have an online platform with theory, that students can access before the course. This is a good first step to become familiar with the program. That way you won’t find the first day as overwhelming, especially if you have never experienced freefall with Tandem Skydiving before.

student learning to skydive in airlie beach

2. AFF Stages 1 to 9

After the ground course you will be ready for the first skydive. Two instructors will brief you and run through the drills for AFF Stage 1. They will assist you in freefall holding onto you until deployment. You will wear your own equipment and parachute. If you don’t feel confident the first skydive can be done with a tandem instructor.

Then there are another 8 levels from AFF stage 2 to 9. In each level you will learn new skills to improve your control and awareness in freefall…all the way to stage 9 when you do your first skydive completely by yourself with no instructors.

aff student flying a parachute in airlie beach

3. 'A licence' course

Once you complete AFF Stage 9 you no longer require assistance from instructors, but you are still considered a student. You can do solo jumps or start the “B-rels”, a number of jumps with a coach to teach you how to jump with groups of 2, 3 and 4 skydivers.

When you reach 25 skydives you can complete your A licence exam to obtain your very first rating. With the skydiving ‘A’ licence you leave the “student” status, officially becoming a skydiver. Time to celebrate!

skydiving student aff course learning to skydive

AFF Skydiving Course options and prices

AFF Learn to Skydive Packages

You can complete the AFF course at your own pace, or purchase an AFF package.

AFF Stage 1


APF student membership

Pre-course online training

Full day ground training

AFF Skydive 1

All gear and training materials

AFF Full Course


APF student membership

Pre-course online training

Full day ground training

All 9 AFF Skydives

All gear and training materials

+ Get $430 Bonus CreditSee Offer

'A' Licence Holiday Package


$3,199 without accommodation

APF student membership

Pre-course online training

Full day ground training

AFF Skydives 1 to 9

Videos of all AFF Skydives

6 additional skydives with gear hire

All gear hire and training materials

A Licence course and exam

Up to 14 days accommodation in Laguna Quays*

+ Get $645 Bonus CreditSee Offer

'B Rels' Holiday Package


$4,799 without accommodation

APF student membership

Pre-course online training

Full day ground training

AFF Skydives 1 to 9

Videos of all AFF Skydives

12 additional skydives with gear hire (8 of which can be coached B-rel jumps)

All gear hire and training materials

A Licence course and exam

Up to 28 days accommodation in Laguna Quays*

(*) Accommodation available for course duration only. Student must be available to jump 6 days per week. Days off must be planned and coordinated with instructors.

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Sign up to the AFF course with Airlie Beach Skydivers

Submit your details and our team will get in touch to discuss your goals and get you signed up into one of our AFF courses. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 759 348

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    Your APF Licence

    Licensed by the Australian Parachute Federation

    Skydiving in Australia is regulated by the Australian Parachute Federation (APF), which maintains uniform training and operational standards across all dropzones in the country. Once you have obtained a skydiving license, you can enjoy jumps at various locations in Australia. However, if you wish to jump in other countries, you may need to follow different regulations and obtain a visitor financial membership before you are permitted to jump. Your APF license will still be recognized internationally.

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    Why choose Airlie Beach Skydivers to get your skydive licence

    Learn to skydive in paradise

    We have trained thousands of skydivers over the last few decades, building world class safety standards and extensive know-how.

    Highly experienced instructors

    Our skydiving instructors have thousands of jumps and are qualified under the Australian Parachute Federation. Skydiving can be intimidating but they will help you overcome your fears.

    Self-contained tropical dropzone

    We have great weather all year, with stunning views of the ocean. Everything you need to learn to skydive while having a great time.

    Closest AFF to Airlie Beach and Mackay

    Our skydiving school is conveniently located between Airlie Beach and Mackay, very close to the coast and Midge Point.

    Flexible course payment

    If you choose to complete the course at your own pace there is no requirement to pay upfront for the full AFF course.

    Learning to skydive FAQs

    Frequent questions about the skydive licence with Airlie Beach Skydivers

    If you have any other questions or you are unsure whether the AFF course is for you contact us for an individual assessment with no commitment.

    What's the minimum age to learn to skydive in Australia?

    Skydiving students must be at least 16 years old under the Australian Parachute Federation. At 1300SKYDIVE, the minimum age is 18, but minors over 16 may discuss the AFF course with parents or guardians.

    How long does it take to do the AFF course?

    The AFF course can take a few days or weeks, but it’s not recommended to leave more than two weeks between stages.

    Is learning to skydive safe?

    Skydiving is made as safe as possible with highly qualified instructors at 1300SKYDIVE, who are certified by the Australian Parachute Federation and have thousands of skydives under their belts. The AFF course teaches you the necessary skills to skydive solo safely.

    Do I have to pay for the full AFF course upfront?

    You can complete the AFF course and obtain your skydive licence at your own pace, without paying the full fee upfront. Pay as you go is a good option, but an AFF package may offer better value.

    How many tandem skydives do I need to do before signing up for AFF?

    Previous experience is not required before taking the AFF course, although a tandem skydive may be beneficial to know what to expect and avoid extreme sensory overload on your first jump.

    What is the total cost to obtain the A licence?

    The cost to obtain an A licence is typically between $3,199 and $4,000. It typically takes between 15 and 25 jumps, with a minimum of 10 witnessed landings achieving the A licence accuracy requirements.

    Do I need to buy my own gear after completing the AFF course?

    You can buy jump tickets with gear hire while you put together your first set of gear, with guidance from your skydiving instructors.

    Can I fly a wingsuit after AFF?

    Flying a wingsuit requires a minimum of 200 jumps, a D licence, and completing the wingsuit crest with a qualified coach under current APF regulations.

    Is the APF licence valid if I travel overseas?

    Yes, your APF licence will be valid in other countries, although temporary or visitor memberships may be required depending on the country’s requirements.

    Can I jump with other licensed skydivers after AFF?

    Once you complete your B-rel table and get signed off by your Chief Instructor, you will be allowed to jump with other licensed skydivers, progressing to bigger groups with the Star Crest.

    Can I wear an action camera to film my skydives after AFF?

    Skydiving with a camera requires a minimum of 100 skydives and a C licence, at the discretion of the CI/DZSO.

    What's next after your skydiving licence

    The real fun starts after your AFF course

    Once you complete your AFF course the real fun starts! You will learn how to safely skydive with others, improving your freefall and canopy skills. Once you are proficient in the belly-to-earth freefall there are a number of disciplines you can get into, like freeflying or wingsuit flying.

    licensed skydivers in freefall
    Your skydive licence instructors

    Meet your instructors at Airlie Beach Skydivers

    cameron sunshine coast skydivers


    Chief Instructor
    peter sunshine coast skydivers


    DZSO, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor
    Antz sunshine coast skydivers


    Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor
    tom sunshine coast skydivers



    Got more questions?

    Feel free to give us a call to discuss your individual situation before you learn to skydive solo, our instructors evaluate enrolments on a case by case basis.